Why Should I Advertise My Services in the Olympic Handyman Directory?

Why Should I Advertise My Services in the Olympic Handyman Directory?

1. Economy

  • You pay only one setup fee for lifetime!
    • Economy Listing for a $50 1 time lifetime fee
    • Basic Listing for a $100 1 time lifetime
    • Featured Listing for a $250 1 time lifetime
  • There are NO annual or monthly fees .... ever!
    • If you require future updates to your listing, we charge a minimal $25 fee ...
  • You NEVER have to pay for leads ... ever!

2. Value

We purchased this domain and installed this website in 2006 with an eye on future development and began offering advertising and promoting it in November of 2017.  (So, we've had the site up without actively promoting it for 11 years.)  Don't worry about it ever going away!

Get your listing early!  These are 1 time payments, so the sooner you act the greater the value.  Prices may soon increase, but your cost is a one time in a lifetime fee.

We have been involved full time in website development and internet marketing since 1998, so we are not new at this.  One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make since the advent of the internet revolutionizing advertising is that they undervalue  their websites and the importance of internet marketing.

For any small business that is seeking to actively market online, a single, good link from another website is easily worth $100/year.  So, it is worth you time to try to get links to your website.

Your Full Page in the Olympic Handyman Directory is Ad Free

We have an ad that runs on all of our content pages, but your full page on our directory (Basic or Featured Listings get a full page) will NEVER have ads on it!

  • It will never have a competitor's ad.
  • It will ONLY advertise you!

Get some great, free links from this directory!

We want this directory to become the "go to" resource for Olympic Peninsula Residents that are looking for DIY help and in need of repairs and help with their homes, business-at-home or traditional "brick and mortar" businesses.

For this to become a reality, we need articles for our Free DIY Help inventory, and this is where you come in.

If you will submit a DIY Help Article to us, we will post it on our site and give you a highly visible link back to your website at the beginning and closing of your article!  This will greatly increase your websites authority in search and result in an increase in your websites rank in search engines.

If you are listed in our directory (economy, basic or features listing), then you are welcome to submit as many DIY Help articles as you want.  (You should publish these on your own website as well).

3. Increasing Online Visibility

As we continue to develop content for this directory and continue to promote it, it will continue to grow.  Every monthly this directory will become more valuable as a resource for your handyman business.

Active Internet Directories & How To Sites are Authority Sites

As a result of the increasing value of our site, any sites that we link to will gain value as well.

Why Should I Advertise My Services in the Olympic Handyman Directory?